A couple of months ago, we reported that WhatsApp was testing voice and video calls – a feature that has been available on its mobile app for a while now – on its web client. Now, the company seems to be working on bringing the feature to its web and desktop client as they have started receiving it in beta.

As per a report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has finally started testing voice and video calling in beta. The feature is available for a handful of users who have received new voice and video calling buttons in the chat header on the desktop and web clients. They can click on these buttons to make voice and video calls. As for the receivers, a separate pop-up window will show up whenever someone calls them

When you get a call on WhatsApp while using the web client, a pop-up window appears with options for receiving and rejecting the call. Plus, there was an ‘Ignore’ option at the bottom if previous testing, which is missing now. If you happen to make a call, a small pop-up appears. It comes with options for starting the video, mute, decline, and more settings. Moreover, the company was testing support for group voice and video calls as well. However, the report earlier stated that this feature was not available to test and will be added to the desktop client soon.

The new feature will make lives easier for WhatsApp users as they will not have o switch back and forth between their work desktop/laptop and their phone. As of now, you can only receive and reply to messages on WhatsApp’s desktop client. The new feature will make the experience better. 

WhatsApp is also said to be working on letting you sync chats between platforms. WhatsApp could be working to let you use the same account on different devices. However, the company hasn’t shared anything officially. We’ll have to wait for the public version to roll out.

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