Understanding The Unusual Drugs As Well As Their Weird Effects

There is always a percentage of people who take prescription of medicine in a month. There are those who are also known to take more than one prescription. For the case of adults, it is a good thing to note that they do not take a lot of prescriptions at a go. With these medications, bear it in mind that there are the reactions they will have with the body. With these reactions, some of these random a point worth understanding. There is the ropinirole one drug that is known to interact with the body. This drug is seen to be harmless and is commonly called the Requip. This medication is in most cases offered to people having restless legs. The issues brought about by this medication are inclusive of dizziness, nausea and even vomiting. However, one might encounter other issues with this medication. With these effects, Requip is seen to be a unique option. Another thing yet worth noting here is that Requip has compulsive behaviors that it causes. For instance, there are the hallucinations, anxiousness agitation and many other effects that one can encounter with this drug.

There also exists the citalopram and has a generic version which is Celexa. This prescription is given to people having eating disorder, OCD and PMDD. One need to bear it in mind that this is a prescription that reacts with other drugs. The problems that one might have in place after taking this medication include seizure, coma, irregular heartbeat and may other issues. In other cases, citalopram can even cause death. There are individuals having in place pre-existing conditions, and for them, they are open to having issues associated with the taking of citalopram.

Ritalin is yet another drug well known to have weird effects after being taken. Ritalin pills were in the past sold by people, and they would take them without finding any big deal in it. Today, this is a prescription offered to people having ADD, ADHD and other issues related to these aspects. One thing worth noting about this drug is that it has other effects that one can experience. For instance, if taken with some certain foods or in excess, there are the issues that might be experienced. There is the seizure, dependence or abuse, psychotic episodes that one can have in place by having this drug in place. Dark food such as chocolate and other options, for example, are seen to react with Ritalin an aspect that triggers the system. If you are considering to take these drugs, bear it in mind that taking note of these aspects is at all times worth it.

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