Perhaps you’ve never heard of it or what you did hear isn’t so nice. So you’re wondering all about it and what exactly it means.

First of all, think of the first thing that you think of when it comes to Muslim women-they’re normally covered up in such a way that you cannot see their hair and a large part of their body. If they are from the U.S. or Africa, you may notice that they wear regular clothing with their scarves and head coverings. It’s up to the woman, where she is from, and what she is most comfortable with. Some women prefer a more covering dress while others are more partial to a pair of slacks and nice shirt that covers everything.

Hijab is not only a head covering-it is really a lot more. While the principal of being covered is mostly displayed by women, it also applies to Muslim men. It depends on the culture, once again, and where the men are from. Different cities and states and countries wear different outfits and practice hijab to different degrees.

In terms of head coverings though, this particular type of scarf is mainly for women and it consists of a square scarf that is pinned to the head to keep it on. There are one piece hijabs, which are those which are just the scarf and then there are two piece scarves, which consist of the larger scarf and then the piece in which helps to cover the hair.

Luckily, if you are searching for these scarves, you don’t have to go far. You have several options for purchasing them and most of them are super easy.

First, you could make one. This takes a bit of skill for the person who will be making it, but it also helps to size the hijab to the person going to wear it. It’s up to you whether or not this is an idea that you might consider, but it could have a few problems. One of these problems is that you may find that you mis-sewed an edge and the whole scarf looks funky or you didn’t measure it quite right.

Then you can buy them at a store. Finding a store that sells Islamic clothing isn’t the easiest of tasks, however and you may find that it takes a bit of time to locate one that sells the clothing that you are looking for. If you cannot find one, you may find yourself sending letters home or to your relatives in an attempt to get the clothing that you need.

Then there is the last and the potentially easiest option-looking online! It’s super easy to find the clothing that you need online. You only need to quickly search up what you’re looking for and voila! You have loads of websites at your disposal. The best part is that most Islam clothing and Hijab don’t cost an arm and a leg-which is always something to be happy about!