If you are the regular newspaper then you should know about this, both companies are offering the same services. Talktalk always focuses on the reputation of the company and always tries to provide the service at affordable prices. On the other hand, Sky broadband always focuses on its market value and share, which is increasing over the years. The Sky has launched its satellite and sent it to space to become the major broadband service provider in the market. No doubt both of them are reliable providers, but some points are making both different from each other.

1. Broadband Speed

Currently, Sky broadband is offering just 2 broadband speeds 11Mbps and 17 Mbps. It has mostly the customers of 17 Mbps speed, which is enough for the two to three devices. For households where the number of people is larger to use the Internet, where sky broadband is not able to provide enough speed. The TalkTalk broadband is offering the three speeds i.e. 11 Mbps, 36Mbps and 63 Mbps. The Talktalk is enough for house use, office use and the industry where the number of users is more to use the Internet.

2. Offers and Packages

Sky broadband is offering the two packages of the broadband internet with a small upfront cost and the contract of each package will be minimum for 18 months, those are mentioned below.

  • Standard package – 11 Mbps with unlimited use (browsing, downloading and uploading).
  • Intermediate – 17 Mbps with unlimited browsing, uploading and downloading.

TalkTalk is offering the three packages also offering the contract of minimum 18 months, but there will be no setup fee.

  • Standard Package – 11 Mbps speed with unlimited use
  • Entry Level – 36 Mbps with unlimited use
  • Super Fibre – 50 Mbps with unlimited downloading and uploading speed.

3. Customer Services

Last year Sky broadband won the award for best customer service in the UK. After this reward, the sky started getting lots of customers. Sky received just 7 complaints out of 100K customers last year which is the record in the history of the broadband industry. They are offering customer support via email, phone calls, and webchat. Unluckily you cannot get the same benefit on the Talktalk. Last year they got a complaint at the rate of 30 per 100K customers which is below the average, but too far from the Sky broadband.

4. Routers and Technologies

In sky broadband, you will get the Sky Q Hub router which is much better than the previous one “sky Hub router”. The Sky Q hub lets you connect the internet up to 64 devices, it has the antennas of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for the fast and optimal reach. For a wired connection, it has 1 GB ethernet port. However the TalkTalk is offering the new technology router to the customer, it has the one type of router for every type of customer. The router has lots of benefits and can be customized according to the need for internet speed.

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