The Google Pixel 4, JBL products and more on sale today

The official news today, as always, begin with deals, and it all begins with the departing Pixels which are actually still good phones. Let’s start it off with the Google Pixel 4 line which is still on sale at Amazon. The entry level variant for the 4 is currently $249 off, leaving it for $551 shipped. The 4 XL is $120 off, leaving it at $779 shipped. The Surface Go 2 is also $80 off, leaving the Intel Core m3, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage variant for $550. B&H is also offering that same discount and just as a heads up, this is the Wi-Fi only variant. Finally, the regular AirPods are $48 off, leaving them at $151 shipped with the wireless charging case. We have more deals on JBL headphones, the Samsung Galaxy Watch and more, in the links in the description.

Selling icons for iOS 14 has made a designer $100K in just six days

You wanna know something funny.. I’ve never known a case where the least tech savy people were more interested in an iOS update, than with iOS 14. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that widgets and icon packs are becoming a huge thing again thanks to the Siri Shortcuts app. Basically what you do is create a shortcut for every app you want on the home screen and use a picture for the icon and it also works on the new widgets. Well, there’s a designer called Traf which has been selling a pretty minimalistic icon pack and has sold a crazy $101k in just 6 days. He says that he used to sell skins back in 2013 for jailbroken iPhones, but he never made any profit out of it. His current pack costs $28 and it’s actually pretty cool looking. The main reason why we covered this is to see how you guys are feeling about that whole decorating your home screen movement, let us know, we’ll have a poll on the community tab.

Google might produce as little as 800,000 Pixel 5 units in 2020 as it trims sales target: Report

Let’s talk about the Pixel 5 and Google’s strategy with it. I seriously feel that this is finally the Pixel’s time to shine, but it could just be that Google is playing it safe. According to a new report from Nikkei Asia, Google has a way lower sales target and they will only produce 1M units of the Pixel 5 but this number could fall to 800K, depending on the reception it gets. According to IDC data, Google sold 7.2M units in 2019 when they had a goal of selling 8-10M. We also know that the pandemic is still going on but going from 7.2M to 1M units is a drastic change. So far, the Pixel 4a is having some positive reception as the Pixel 3a was Google’s Hit last year and it’s apparently performing well in Europe so, again, we hope that the Pixel sells as good as they do in the news because, the price tag isn’t too bad this year.

Microsoft Surface Pro X gets SQ 2 chip upgrade and a new Platinum colorway

Now let’s cover a bit more about Microsoft. Yesterday we covered how the company unveiled the new Surface Laptop Go to compete against Chromebooks but, that wasn’t the only thing we got. Microsoft just launched a new updated version of the Surface Pro X, as well as a new Platinum paintjob. It brings the same 13in Pixel Sense display with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of SSD, running Windows 10. According to Microsoft it brings a slight boost of up to 15hrs of battery life on a single charge and it brings two USB-C ports, a Surface Connect port and a nano SIM slot. Now, what’s interesting about this update is that it brings a new SQ 2 chip which is a customized version of Qualcomm’s Second Gen Snapdragon 8cx chip which was released this year. Sadly, this laptop doesn’t offer 5G compatibility nut, it should account for the battery boost we mentioned earlier. This new updated variant will start at $1499 for 16GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD, and it is currently available for pre-orders, it will be on stores on October 13th. What I’m curious is if Microsoft will start working on getting Windows to work natively on ARM, cause that’s what this platform needs to get amazing.

OnePlus 8T leak suggests it will be bigger than its predecessor on all sides

Let’s move on to OnePlus as, we’re getting closer and closer to the official event, and you know how it goes with leaks. Yesterday, OnLeaks posted the dimensions of the device, comparing it to the 8 and the 8 Pro. Apparently it will be wider than both of these and slightly shorter than the 8 Pro. It’ll also be 0.1mm thinner than the 8 Pro, putting it in the middle of both devices, Moving on to official territory, the company also posted a picture of the red box for this phone, and even a picture of it open. And sadly they didn’t show the phone, only the red wire for the 65W charger hanging out of it. We’re expecting this phone to bring a 6.5in display running at 120Hz, the Snapdragon 865, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It’ll also pack a 4500 mAh battery and it’ll run on Android 11, the launch date is on the 14th. I’m just wondering how it’ll go for the company as this would be the first time they don’t go for the latest specs on a T update, which kind of defeats its purpose.

Story of the day:

120Hz ProMotion displays may arrive with iPhone 13 lineup

And finally, the most interesting news today have to do with iPhones and 120hz. Even if we don’t have the 12 line just yet, we have some new information on next year’s line up from the DSSC’s Ross Young, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for 2020. According to Young, this information comes from Mizuho securities and it gives us details on what we’re likely to get from Apple’s roadmap. The list shows all 4 new models for next year and an iPhone SE 3 won’t be a part of it.. That’ll happen until 2022. Apparently, we’ll get a similar line up to this year’s with the regular 13s bringing a 5.42in and 6.06in OLED display, provided by Samsung, LG and BOE. The regular 13s will bring sub 6 5G, Dual cameras at the back, with the same modules as the ones we’ll get on the iPhone 12. Moving on to the Pros, the regular one will bring a 6.06in display, provided by LG and BOE, while the Pro Max will bring a 6.67in display from Samsung. These will support both mmWave and sub6GHz 5G, while rocking triple cameras at the back and a ToF sensor. All of these will bring Face ID, expect for the SE3 which will still rock a fingerprint sensor. This report doesn’t mention 120Hz displays but, Young added that ProMotion with variable refresh rates and LTPO will be coming, at least to the Pro models.
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