Apple’s latest M1 MacBook Air, Mac mini and more devices on sale today

Let’s begin today’s deals with some products that you should really consider getting, that are not at all old. The latest M1 MacBook Air which is being used to edit this video is $50 off, that leaves the 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD variant for $1200. If you’re going for a desktop, the new Mac Mini is $29 off, leaving the entry level model for $670. The latest 12.9in iPad Pro is available for $150 off, that leaves it at $1499 shipped for 1TB of storage. The brand new iPad Air is also $40 off, leaving the entry level one for $559. We also have more deals on Bose Earbuds, LG Monitors, Hisense TVs and more, in the links in the description.

The budget OnePlus Nord N100 has a ‘high refresh rate’ surprise

Now let’s talk about OnePlus as the company has been in the spotlight quite a bit given all the product launches they’ve done this year. A few weeks ago, OnePlus unveiled two new budget smartphones, the Nord N10 5G and the N100. We’ll be focusing on the N100 for this segment because, this is supposed to be the cheaper and watered down one out of the pair but it looks like there was some hidden premium features in here. So to recap, it packs a punch hole HD+ display, the Snapdragon 460 SoC, a 5,000 mAh battery and a triple camera array with a 12MP main sensor. All of this for around $237, remember that price. Well, now that it’s out, the guys over at Android Authority discovered that the N100 actually packs a 90Hz refresh rate display. OnePlus didn’t specify on this so everyone just assumed it was a regular 60Hz panel which is good for that $200 price tag. So yeah, if you got this phone, make sure to turn that feature on as that 5,000 mAh battery should do a good job handling it.

New iPhone 12 display issues have caught Apple’s attention

If you’ve been watching us for the past year, you probably know that my display on my iPhone 11 Pro simply died on me after getting a weird tint. Well, it looks like the iPhone 12 might be going down that same path. Last weekend, some users started reporting issues with the 12 mini’s Lock Screen sensitivity, and iPhone 12 Pro users were having problems with the message app but, the most notable problems were display issues. Apparently some users were getting a green tint on the screen and some flickering but it looks like Apple noticed. The guys over at MacRumors recovered an internal document where Cupertino addresses this issue, saying that they are aware of the customer reports related to the problem and they’re actively investigating, telling technicians to avoid servicing these types of issues because there is no real fix at the moment but they should advice customers to update their phones. Back with the 11, Apple fixed it with iOS 13.6.1 so, let’s see when we get a fix, we’ll keep you posted. Thing is, my problem wasn’t fixed with a software update. The entire phone had to be replaced, so we’ll see.

Apple’s next mobile chip might rely on 5nm+ process, 4nm silicon likely arrives in 2022

Let’s keep talking about Apple but, this time about there chips, as let’s face it, Apple Silicon still has many of us in disbelief. We know that the A14 Bionic was the first chip in the market to bring a 5nm process, thanks to TSMC but, it looks like they’re already pushing smaller nodes. According to a TrendForce research note, Apple plans to use TSMC’s next generation “5nm+” process for the A15 chip that will come in the 2021 iPhones. TSMC’s website says that this 5nm+ process, refers to N5P which is a “performance-enhanced” version of their current 5nm process, which will deliver additional power efficiency and performance improvements. The report even goes further head to 2022, and they believe that the A16 will be built on a 4nm process, which paves the way for even more performance, power efficiency, and density improvements. This also hints that we might get these improvements in Apple Silicon chips, maybe with the M1X, M2 or whatever that thing is going to be called. Thing is, guys with that M1 mopping the floor with absolutely every Intel Mac we’ve compared on generation 1, can you imagine what gen 2 will be. We’ve never EVER recommended a first generation Apple Product, but this is the first exception.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leaked renders show shows some seriously slim bezels

And I know, we’re still one segment away but let’s begin with the hottest news today which have to do with Samsung. Yeah, they’re so many we had to split them in two. First off, Ice Universe just went on a tweeting spree giving us a ton of new information on the upcoming Galaxy S Line. He started off by posting some new CAD renders of the S21 Ultra which shows us the new chin and side bezels which.. Let’s just say you won’t be able to tell a difference if you have an S20 Ultra. However, he does say that this will be the narrowest chin in mobile phone in history which is something Samsung has been perfecting over the years. Other than that the CAD renders show the USB-C port as well as the display’s footprint. Moving on from that he also posted some case molds where you can see the camera module for the S21 or the S21+, sadly you can only see the display side for the other 2. Finally he also said that the S21 Ultra’s screen will refresh multiple records, I’m not sure if that means we’ll be getting something like ProMotion or if it will just be a record-breaking display. Whatever the case may be, I’m already pretty excited for whatever this S21 Ultra is going to be.

Story of the day:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could have an under-display selfie camera

But, finally let’s move on to the other segment of the hottest news as we have more Samsung products and apparently, Samsung is bringing the heat until later in the year. Last month there was some rumors roaming around that claimed that Samsung would be introducing their first under-the-display camera with the Z Fold 3. Well, now there’s a new ETNews report that backs those rumors. According to an industry insider, Samsung Display has developed a new display that will support this UDC. Apparently they made the gap between pixels wider, to allow light to pass through and this will only be a thing in the selfie camera area, the rest of the display will be the same. That along with some special algorithms will correct images, as light is obviously refracted by the OLED Display to allow for the camera to work. This camera module will be supplied by LSI and apparently the technology won’t be ready by the Spring or early in the year, which is when we get the S Line or the Z Flip. So, we will reportedly get it with the Z Fold 3 in the third quarter of the year because, all of the rumors point to the Galaxy Note line disappearing. A new Ice Universe tweet also gives us backs this by saying the Z Fold 3 will bring a lot of innovating technologies, including this Camera Under the Panel, the S Pen and the second-gen UTG.
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