Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro, Google Pixel phones, and more on sale today

Deals. The Google Pixel 4 and the 3a are both getting discounts today. The Pixel 4 is currently $250 off, leaving the entry level variant for $549, you can also get that same discount in other storage tiers. The 4XL is $265 off, that leaves the entry level variant for $623 shipped. The 3a is $57 off, leaving the 64GB variant for $341. Finally, the 13in MacBook Pro is $200 off on Amazon, that leaves the Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage variant for $1800 shipped. We also have more deals on LG monitors, Beats by Dre and more.

HUAWEI Developer Conference 2020 starts on September 10, exciting announcements ahead

Huawei just announced that their Developer’s Conference will be happening this year on September 10th and going on until the 12th. Sure we’re expecting products like laptops, new smartwatches, their new FreeBuds Pro, and the possibility of a new chip that we usually see at IFA, though probably no smartphones. That said, I think what’s most important here is software. If you think of it this is their developer conference and a big chunk of the story will be their future with Android. How much the AppGallery will continue to expand to serve the needs of consumers that want to continue trusting the Huawei brand.. I mean, they still are the largest smartphone maker in the world as of last quarter. And then there’s the question about Harmony OS. Just a few days ago we discussed the rumors that the company wants to make a major push here as part of their strategy, even if Android is still in the picture. The keynote will happen on their website with Richard Yu talking about their ecosystem and other products, we’ll keep you posted. Not gonna lie, I’m curious to see what the next steps are. Expect our full coverage starting tonight, and a recap on tomorrow’s Pocketnow Daily.

Microsoft says Xbox Series X costs $499, reveals availability details of its next-gen consoles

Yesterday Microsoft showed us the Xbox Series S and well, we thought that was the only information we were getting from the company until later this year. Well that was not the case at all, they just gave us official pricing, availability dates and more. Earlier today the took to Twitter to announce that the Xbox Series X will cost $499, while the Series S will cost the $299 we mentioned yesterday. They will be available on November 10th but, pre-orders will start on September 22nd. They also announced that they will have an Xbox All Access financing plan which will let you pay $24.99 for the Series S and $34.99 for the Series X. Xbox All Access basically let’s you pay that set amount for the Xbox and 24 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes around 100 games.

We have new leaked renders of the LG Wing

We’re five days away from the official announcement of the LG Wing so, leaks keep coming. Now we got some high quality renders of the phone from Evan Blass showing stuff we hadn’t seen. In this render we can see the back of the phone which houses a camera array that kinda looks like the regular Galaxy Note 20 and a color variant that reminds us of the Galaxy S10. We can also see the phone in it’s “T-Pose” state but, in this particular image there seems to be some significant bezels between the two displays, we hope that doesn’t make it to the final product. The LG Wing is launching soon with the Snapdragon 765G and a price tag around the $1000 or $1600 mark.

Apple strikes back, Epic Games now being sued for breach of contract damages

A couple of days ago, we covered how it seemed that the whole Apple vs Epic dilemma was over, even with the lawsuit still going on. However, Epic wasn’t giving up and they were asking for an injunction to get Fortnite back in the App Store. Well, Apple just decided to make another Thanos-type move. Cupertino just filed some counter-claims, where they’re requesting damages for breach of contract and other counts. They’re trying to get all of the money that was collected by Fortnite through their separate payment system. Apple claims that Epic’s lawsuit is “nothing more than a basic disagreement over money”. They stated that “Even if Epic are portraying themselves as a corporate Robin Hood, in reality they are a multi-billion dollar company that simply want to pay nothing for the tremendous value they derive from the App Store. Their demands of special treatment and cries for retaliation cannot be reconciled by their breaching of contract and their own practices, as they have bundles of up to $100 for “VBucks”. We don’t know how much Apple is asking for in damages but Epic has apparently made $600M from the App Store. As for now, we have to wait until the September 28th hearing to see what’s next, unless we get some newer developments before that.

Motorola RAZR 5G brings an upgraded 48MP camera and faster Snapdragon 765G chip

And after months of leaks and rumors, the Moto RAZR 5G is finally here. It brings a 6.2in folding display along with a 2in cover display which the company is constantly updating for new tasks like replying to texts, getting directions, media controls and more . This new phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a 2800 mAh battery paired with 15W of “Turbo Power” charging. On the camera department, we have a single 48MP main shooter that’s capable of doing 4K video at 30fps and 1080p slow-mo video at 240fps. It also brings a 20MP selfie shooter on the notch at the front. It runs on Android 10, supports sub-6GHz 5G. It’ll be available for $1399 on AT&T and T-Mobile and unlocked from multiple retailers later this fall on, Blush Gold, Liquid Mercury and Polished Graphite color variants.

Story of the day:

Live images of Google Pixel 5s have leaked online, adding to more confusion

Yeah, we have a very confusing leak of the Google Pixel 5 “s”? The leaked image comes from a Mexican Tech Radio Host on Twitter and he also shared a video of it but it’s private now. According to our friends over at XDA and the IMEI barcode, this is a Pixel 5, but it’s not entirely clear as to why it’s listed as the 5s on the device, but it’s not the first time that name has popped up either. On the image we can see the phone laying down, showing off the camera array and the display. It looks way too similar to the 4a, as probably the only difference is the size and the double cameras on this one. It also brings the fingerprint sensor at the back and the different Google logo shows that this is a pre-production unit. According to the leaks, we’ll be getting two different variants for this phone, one for sub-6GHz which will also be more affordable and another one for mmWave 5G which will apparently be the 5s. We’re expecting this phone to launch later this month or in October, with the Snapdragon 765G, a 6in OLED display running at 90Hz, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, no leaks on the price tag yet.
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