The Samsung Galaxy S20+, OnePlus 7T and more devices are on sale today

The official news today, as per usual, begin with deals, since you know we don’t need Prime Day scout things out for you. Let’s end the week with the Galaxy S20+ which is still $201 off, that leaves the entry level variant for $998 shipped. Moving on, the OnePlus 7T which is still a pretty solid phone is available for $200 off at B&H, this leaves the 128GB variant for $399 in Glacier Blue. Finally, the previous generation iPad Pro is currently $289 off, this leaves the Wi-Fi only, 1TB variant for $910 shipped and honestly, that’s a pretty good deal for the storage. We also have deals on Motorola phones, Sennheiser Earbuds and more in the links in the description.

Nokia is working to bring 4G networks to the moon

Alright, this is not an April joke, I promise. See while carriers are trying to deploy 5G and trying to give us decent LTE speeds here on Earth, it looks like Nokia is trying to put 4G on the moon. Yeah you heard that right. This plan apparently started back in 2018 and now, NASA just gave Nokia $14.1M to help achieve this. The project involves Nokia building a 4G cellular communication network on the moon, which would help for lunar surface research missions. NASA hopes that this new system can support lunar surface communications at greater distances, increase speeds and provide more reliability than the current standards. Honestly, we’re just covering because it’s pretty cool but, let’s see how it pans out.

Google Search, Lens, and Maps get new features to make your pandemic life easier

Now let’s talk about Google as, the company surprised us with their “Search On” Event yesterday which focused mainly on the improvements coming to Google Search and more. Some of the updates they announced include new shortcuts for Google Lens that appear on both the Google App and Chrome for Android. Google is also significantly improving the “Did You Mean” spell correction on Google Search with their BERT neural network. Search will now be able to show you cars inside and out by using the same technology they use for their 3D animals and cellular models. Another cool feature is letting you Hum to Search, for those of you that didn’t get to Shazam the song while it was playing but you still have the melody stuck in your head. Of course, this is just a quick recap of what Google showed but, if you want more technical details make sure to check the links in the description.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei confirms departure from the company

Let’s move on to OnePlus as, the company has been in the spotlight a lot this week, first with the reports of Carl Pei leaving, then the event and of course the teasers they put out afterwards. But now it’s finally official, Carl Pei put out a statement earlier today where he confirmed that he is leaving the company. He talked about his 7 year journey with the company, his growth and how he is looking forward to take some time off to decompress and catch up with his family and friends, after that he will follow his heart on to what’s next. All of the rumors point to him moving on to create his own venture so again, we wish you the best in your future endeavors Carl.

Samsung Galaxy S21 may launch sooner than expected

Now let’s talk Samsung as the company usually releases their smartphones on February and maybe even March but, apparently this may not be the case for the S21. There’s been several rumors that we’ll be getting this phone earlier next year and it might just be true. According to Sam Mobile’s sources, due to unforeseen circumstances, it has been decided that there will be a late January or pretty early February, 2021 release. Multiple reports suggest that Samsung’s suppliers have begun mass production for different components of the S21 which also hints to that earlier release. On another note, the S21 just went through a 3C certification, showing the model number, the fact that it brings 25W fast charging and a battery rated at 3880 mAh which pretty much means 4000 and we had seen before. So yeah, it’s pretty early and all things might change but, it looks like we’re getting Galaxies early.

Story of the day:

Apple iPad Air 4th Gen is now available to pre-order starting today

Apple’s ARM-powered Mac could debut on November 17

Apple might finally launch the AirPods Studio in March next year

And finally, the hottest news today has to do with Apple. Yes, today was pre-orders day for the iPhones and the iPad Air, managed to get all of them, but wait, there’s more. Jon Prosser was busy yesterday as he shared a lot of leaks of what to expect from Apple in the coming weeks. He started off by showing a screenshot from Best Buy Canada where the iPad Air is listed to come out on October 23rd, like he predicted earlier and which we covered yesterday and became a reality today. After that he mentioned that sadly, we won’t be getting an Apple TV this year despite all of the other leaks we’ve had. Moving on to something I am pretty interested on, he said that there will be a November Event, specifically for the ARM Macs. According to his sources the event could happen on November 17th with the teaser for it coming out on the 10th. And to conclude Prosser’s leak bomb, he claims that Apple’s next Event after November will happen on March 16th, 2021, with the headliner for that being the AirPods Studio. Oh but we’re not done, Love to dream tweeted out MESA UTS for iPhone, of course we needed a translation to that and Prosser replied with saying “Mesa means Touch ID” and uts means under the screen. So that feature might still make it to an iPhone, but we just wonder what year
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