Apple’s latest 13-inch MacBook Air, and many more devices on sale today

The official news today begin with Deals, and seriously let’s end the week with Apple deals because I know they’re your favorite. The MacBook Air is currently $100 off, that leaves the Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD variant for $1200… yes this is the higher storage variant, but we also have other deals on different storage tears. The regular AirPods are $30 off, leaving them at $130 shipped. The Beats X are also $30 off, meaning you can grab a pair for $70. We also have deals on TCL smartphones, LG TVs. Razer Controllers and more in the links in the description.

AMD unveils Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors, arriving on November 5

Now let’s talk about AMD, particularly because of how the company continues to make Intel look bad lately. The company revealed their latest line up of processors with the Ryzen 5000 Series. These are built with their new Zen 3 architecture and they are based on a 7nm process. We’re not going to get into too much technical detail but, their new Ryzen 9 5950X brings 16 Cores, and it has a boost frequency of 4.9GHz, and the company claims that this is the highest single thread performance in the market, we’ll have to wait for Linus to confirm that after he segues from his sponsor. It offers a 26{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14} performance improvement over the Ryzen 3000 Series and they claim 21{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14} higher performance than Intel’s top of the line Core i9.. The processors start at $299 with the 6-core Ryzen 5 5600X and the decked out 5950X will cost you $799. All of the 4 new processors will be available on November 5th. All I can say is that it’s amazing how tables get turned over time, as there was a time where AMD wouldn’t dream of catching up to Intel.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 teardown reveals liquid metal cooling and an ingenious stand

And now it’s time to talk Sony, particularly with the company’s PS5. They’re not pulling any punches as the company published an official teardown of the console a couple of days ago. Let’s just start off by saying, this thing is huge, like huge. At the front you get a single USB Type A and a USB type C port but, you get two USB A ports with SuperSpeed at the back, an Ethernet Port, an HDMI and of course, the power port. It also has a PCIe 4.0 port on the inside for future storage expansion. It has air vents up front and the whole back is an exhaust port. You can remove the screwable base to set it horizontally and the white sides are removable as well. Now, the thing that probably made the most buzz is the cooling, you got a huge fan at the top of the console which draws from both sides and more importantly the liquid metal cooling which is close to the SoC under the casing and other layers. We highly recommend you watch the complete teardown if you’re planning on purchasing as, he goes into detail on the GPU, CPU, the heatsink and pretty much everything you need to know about the hardware. A lot of people are concerned on the liquid cooling so, we’ll see how it ages.

OnePlus will launch two TWS earbuds next week, and here’s your first look at one of them

Here’s your first official look at the OnePlus 8T design ahead of its launch

OnePlus 8T leaked renders reveal Lunar Silver and Aquamarine Green color options

Now, the OnePlus 8T isn’t the only thing we’re waiting on from OnePlus, apparently we’re getting two new True Wireless Earbuds. And, remember that joke I made on them not looking like the AirPods and looking like the AirPods Pro? Well… We have some new leaked renders from XDA of the OnePlus Buds Z which were recovered from an APK file. The leaks show off the white variant for these Buds and well, yeah. They look like the AirPods Pro, they even bring the ear tips, probably the only difference is that the back of the EarBud is the same one on the regular OnePlus Buds. The casing is also shorter and wider, with the OnePlus logo at the top and a USB-C port at the back. OnePlus also fully revealed themselves the official design for the 8T. It brings the leaked Aquamarine color variant with the stove at the back and like usual, it looks kind of better than what we got from the renders before. Sadly, they didn’t show the front of the phone but, that doesn’t matter as we now have some CAD renders for the phone from a reliable tipster showing both sides. It brings the updated camera module that OnePlus leaked yesterday and the punch hole at the front. From these renders you can kind of see that the bezels are somewhat smaller. These renders also reveal another color variant which will reportedly be dubbed Lunar Silver. Let me know what you think about this design as, it looks kind of Galaxy S20ish to me.

Apple is working on two AirPods Studio variants, but they won’t debut next week

Now let’s talk Apple as while we were sleeping, Jon Prosser was hard at work tweeting a ton of details on Apple’s upcoming event but more of what we’re not getting from the event. First off, he mentioned that DigiTimes was right to say that the iPhones that will be available in October are going to be the 6.1 iPhone 12 and the 6.1 12 Pro, the 12 Mini and the Pro Max will be the ones launched until November. He also said that the starting price for the Mini is $649 after all, according to his source. After that he said that AirPods Studio have not completed mass production so they will be left out from the event. However, he did give us a price tag, apparently the luxury variant made out of metal and leather will cost $599 but don’t worry, there is a sport-like variant with cheaper materials for $350. And, let’s stay on that negative note for a bit as, he also said that AirTags have been pushed back, at least until March of 2021 so, it looks like another AirPower case but we hope it doesn’t turn into that because they do look interesting. But finally, let’s get to availability, he still stands by the dates he gave us previously with pre-orders beginning on October 16th and they will be in stores by October 23rd for the 12 and 12 Pro. But hold on, we have more in the next segment.

Story of the day:

Massive Apple leak reveals almost everything about the iPhone 12 series

But alright, for the hottest news today, get some pop corn as we have a huge leak from Weibo of everything else you want to know for this Apple Event. Of course we should take all of these leaks with a grain of salt but let’s begin. Apparently the company is going to begin the event with the HomePod Mini which will be a 3.3in speaker with their S5 Processor, it will be priced at $99 and it will be available on November 6th. After that, they’re not losing any time and going straight to the iPhone 12. They’ll begin with the 5.4in 12 Mini which according to him, will start at $699. Then they’re moving on to the 6.1in iPhone 12 which will start at $799. Moving on to the Pros, the 6.1in will start at $999 and will get a new graphite and blue color variant. The 12 Pro Max will start at $1099 with those same colors. All of these will be 5G models and the US variants will bring mmWave. The 12 and the 12 Mini will start at 64GB of storage and go up to 256GB while the Pros will start at 128GB and go up to 512GB. All of them will bring Super Retina XDR displays, a new Magsafe 15W wireless charging and all phones are Dolby Vision capable. They will also use a Smart Data Mode to save power by only using the 5G power for heavy duty apps. Moving on to the cameras, he claims the source isn’t too clear on this one. The 12 and the 12 Mini will bring dual cameras with the main sensor and an ultra wide so, basically the iPhone 11. Deep Fusion and Smart HDR are both getting upgrades. The Pros will bring a triple camera array with the main sensor, the ultra wide a telephoto and a LiDAR sensor, they reportedly bring up to 5x optical zoom. Finally, according to him, the 6.1in 12 and the 12 Pro will be available on October 23rd like Prosser, the Mini will be available on November 13th and the Pro Max on November 20th. Sadly, he didn’t mention any other hardware but we hope that’s not the case.
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