OPPO’s INNO Day is all set to take place on November 17. The company has teased the launch of its AR Glasses, a new concept phone and AR applications. The event will be hosted in China. The latest teaser suggests the launch of OPPO AR Glasses. It is said to embed a host of sensors to enable an immersive experience for users. Further, the company has already teased that it will introduce a new concept phone with a rollable display.

The latest development comes from Weibo, where the company announced that it will launch the Oppo AR Glasses during its Inno Day 2020 event on November 17. The teaser poster suggests how the glasses will look like. They look similar to sunglasses with a metal frame around the edges. Moreover, there are additional black curtain frames to block surrounding distractions. According to Weibo (translated), “Sit 3 meters away and enjoy the immersive experience of a 90-inch large screen.”

Another Weibo teaser suggests the presence of a concept phone with an innovative display. At the Oppo Inno Day 2020 event on November 17, the company has offered a glimpse of the phone, which gives us our first look at the device. It is seen sporting curved edges. It is tipped to be a foldable phone with a clamshell-like foldable screen or like the Galaxy Fold range. However, it is unlikely to launch commercially.

Apart from these two products, OPPO has also teased the arrival of a spatial computing AR app. This app might offer superimposed views in the virtual world. The products will be unveiled on November 17. We expect OPPO to have more surprises up its sleeves for the INNO Day.

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