Max Polyakov’s EOS, a gis-data analytics startup, announced the release of EOS Engine. EOS Engine™ is a cloud-based platform that easily transforms unstructured data into relevant material for science and business.

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160 EOS developers and data scientists, in cooperation with Fortune 500 company specialists have been working on the product for three years. The team was aimed at creating a platform that could be used to solve many challenging problems.

Huge amounts of intelligence from satellites, radar stations, drones, planes are accessible every day. But in their raw form they can’t be used. That’s why Max Polyakov’s EOS created the EOS Engine™ tool. The platform can use data from different sensor types. The information shows how the landscape changes. This data could be useful for business, as well as scientific institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations. These sets of intelligence are needed for real-time observations of harvests, oil and gas production and finding solutions.

Image credit: EOS via Instagram

The platform is created to be data independent. It surveys intelligence from different sources as well as studies information on the spot. The background of EOS Engine™ lies in scientific research in 22 industry verticals. Among these industries are agriculture, oil and gas, real estate management, emergency services, military, and the environment.

Max Polyakov highlighted that EOS’s clients also use Workbench™. It has a clear interface to make use causes rapidly. Once created, the use case gets stored. When new imaginary data appears, the analysis updates immediately. Workbench™ is able to scale down the need for developers and data scientists, because it doesn’t need manual work to refresh data. EOS Engine™ has a well-documented and open API to integrate with most known systems easily.

The functionality of EOS Engine™ by Max Polyakov and the company’s vast base of applications is presented by EOS Neural Atlas™. It holds almost unlimited resources including earth observation data series and a wide range of analytical approaches to new case problem. The joint efforts of EOS Engine™ and broadening EOS intelligence means that EOS Neural Atlas™ shows everyday growth and builds fresh connections between the data sets and the analytics as well as directs the new applications.

EOS developed LandViewer™ as well ( It is a product that shows the applicability of on-the-spot analytics data to different sensor types. EOS offers a subscription to EOS Workbench™ which gives free access to EOS LandViewer™.

About EOS:

EOS was founded by Max Polyakov in 2015. The startup is based in Menlo Park. For more information about the company, please visit: For media inquiries regarding EOS, individuals are encouraged to contact Marc Fagan, CEO, directly at +1 978 500 0344 or via

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