HUAWEI has lately upped the ante when it comes to AppGallery, bringing more high-profile apps to its app repository, launching multiple initiatives to support developers, and expanding its reach at both local and global scale. Moving forward in the same direction,  HUAWEI has announced that it has collaborated with game development studio Beetroot Lab to launch the game Dystopia: Contest of Heroes exclusively on AppGallery for a worldwide debut. In doing so, HUAWEI has managed to offer the game exclusively to its own ecosystem of AppGallery users prior to its arrival on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

You can choose between multiple characters own unique abilities and duke it out in online battles.

Talking about the game, Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a free-to-play, multiplayer combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world with cyberpunk styling and eye-catching graphics. You get to choose between a wide selection of customizable 3D characters – each with their own unique ability – to build alliances, raid locations and build an empire. Aside from multiplayer battles and the main campaign story, there will also be multiple in-game tournaments where you can even play as famed mixed martial artist Conor McGregor. The game is set in a dystopian New York of 2065 and has reportedly been in development for almost three years before its debut on the AppGallery. 

What’s the strategy here?

“The benefit of launching a game on AppGallery first is that we will put the full force of our considerable marketing machine behind the game to boost its profile and quickly encourage downloads,” Wang Heng, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Eco-Development at Huawei Consumer Business Group (CEE and Nordics) was quoted as saying regarding the partnership. The goal is to build a dedicated base of Dystopia: Contest of Heroes players and promote it across HUAWEI’s own mobile ecosystem before it debuts on other app repositories and the competition for player base and revenue heats up. 

Dystopia Contest of Heroes characters

A success story originating from this strategy was New Zealand, where the game was soft-launched recently and reaped positive results. HUAWEI notes that 7{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14} of users who installed Dystopia: Contest of Heroes were still playing it after 28 days, while the conversion rate to paid users touched the 5{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14} mark in Tier 1 cities. 

Aside from providing technical support to Beetroot Labs in bringing the game over to AppGallery – which involved making everything from the sign-in experience to in-app purchases smoother for users using dedicated software kits – HUAWEI is also marketing the game heavily via multiple touchpoints in its software ecosystem. If you own a HUAWEI or HONOR smartphone with AppGallery on it, you can download Dystopia: Contest of Heroes from the app repository here and read more details about the game on the official Dystopia website.

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