It seems that Huawei is getting ready to compete against the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola RAZR. The Chinese tech giant filed a foldable phone patent with a clamshell design back in April, and it looks a bit familiar.

We are still waiting to see the successor of the Mate Xs. Still, it seems that Huawei is more interested in delivering a new device that can go against the other foldable phones in the market that features a clamshell design. New patents found at the China National Intellectual Property Office shows what could be one of Huawei’s future foldable phones.

The device may look like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at first glance, but this phone would have a major advantage, as its design shows a large external display. This means that this phone could be able to give its users more than just a couple of notifications at the same time, and since it’s placed on the same back panel as the dual camera module, we can also expect it to help while taking selfies.

It’s also a safe guess that this dual camera will also serve as the phone’s main camera, as there are no other cameras found in these images. This could also mean that we could get some awesome selfies with this device, as Huawei phones are well-known for packing good cameras. We don’t know if this device will have a small gap between both halves when closed, as we don’t get an image to illustrate the phone’s appearance closed from the side.

However, we must also remember that this is just a patent, and nobody can confirm that Huawei is indeed working on a foldable phone with a clamshell design. The only thing that’s certain right now is that Huawei has recently launched its latest flagship, the Mate 40 series, and it looks rather interesting.

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