There comes a time in the trajectory of every small business when they must streamline, and take steps to increase the efficiency of their work if they’re to keep up with growing demands. Staying organized becomes a challenge when businesses don’t have the infrastructure put in place, and in today’s modern age, that infrastructure often takes on a digital form. For example, a business may want access to their e-mail at any time from any device to accommodate employees on the go, better options for file sharing, and larger storage capacity.

Furthermore, if you’re a business whose employees work remotely, it can become incredibly frustrating to have multiple files or versions of projects saved on several personal laptops or devices. Once you’re at this stage of growth, you might choose to consider a cloud-based solution. With web hosting through providers like HostPapa, you can receive G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365 (for business) at a competitive price all while enjoying exceptional, around-the-clock customer care, resources and admin support.

These cloud-based platforms provide businesses with 30GB or more of storage, world class anti-spam security and a full suite of web-based office tools to create, collaborate, and communicate – these are the most professional options for a growing enterprise. Apart from having a world class professional e-mail, employees can work on documents as a team and in real time, have video conferences, even ensure all their calendars and schedules are integrated. When your team gets organized, your business sees results.

With the Office 365 option, in particular, you’ll also have access to the most up-to-date Microsoft suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), and 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive secure online cloud storage. Choose from Essentials, Business or Business Premium editions based off your present business needs, and be assured you can upgrade later as you expand.  There’s no costly hardware to purchase and maintain here, simply set up your accounts, and they will take care of all maintenance and system upgrades. This way businesses can focus on the activities they do best.

HostPapa offers award-winning, multilingual tech support that enables businesses who are making the professional transition to do so more smoothly, irrespective of which package they choose. Contact their IT experts by phone, chat or e-mail, or visit their comprehensive support and information center located online with hundreds of searchable knowledge base articles, and downloadable manuals, allowing any company looking to boost their presence and enhance productivity to do so without hassle.

A business cannot be successful if it is spending its time managing disorganized systems and files, especially for those starting out, pursuing revenue building initiatives is key. Choose a new web hosting plan and e-mail solution for your company that will give you the freedom to spend more time actively running your business and engaging with clientele – not fussing about displaced materials, or missed connections with staff.

Finally, choose a host that will safeguard your presence online, providing you simple solutions that will take your business to the heights it aspires towards.

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