Apart from launching new hardware at its ‘One More Thing’ event, Apple also announced the release date of its next macOS that was first unveiled at WWDC 2020 in June. Since then, Apple has pushed beta updates to the OS but now, we finally have a date for the release of the stable update. Apple is releasing macOS Big Sur on November 12, that is, tomorrow.

The new OS brings depth shading and translucency, reduced visual complexity to keep the focus on content. Moreover, Finder has a new top to bottom design and Photos has the same design as on iPadOS. It’s backed by Metal so it has smooth navigation and graphics. Further, iWork also has a simplified toolbar. The buttons now only appear when you need them and recede when you don’t. Apple has also unified space for notifications and widgets in macOS Big Sur. 

Apple has added new sounds, and consistency on icons between iOS and macOS. The menu bar at the top is now translucent and takes the color of the app. It comes with new toolbar icons. And finally, Control Center has an icon at the top right. Notifications center is now re-done and matched with widgets as well.

Apple’s macOS Big Sur has been designed to maximize M1. With the new processor, apps launch nearly instantaneously, and the computer instantly wakes from sleep. The OS is now 2x more responsive because of Apple’s unified memory architecture. Plus, it gives access to more graphics performance than ever. With advanced power management, which intelligently allocates apps on the core that requires them, it allows quiet performance and even better battery life. 

Apple will be releasing macOS Big Sur for iMac (2014 or later), iMac Pro, Mac Pro (2013 and later), Mac mini (2014 and later), MacBook Air (2013 and later), MacBook Pro (Late 2013 and later), and MacBook (2015 and later).

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