The watchOS 7 brought a host of new features and changes to the existing Apple Watch lineup. However, it seems like Apple needs to address the update on Watch Series 3. The device owners are complaining of random reboots after installing watchOS 7 on their devices. Their watches are performing multiple restarts per day. Further it includes more bugs beyond that.

The latest development comes from Apple and MacRumors forums where Apple Watch Series 3 owners are complaining about random reboots, lockups, complications that fail to load, and sluggish performance. Apple released watchOS 7.0.1 but Engadget reports that it doesn’t appear to have addressed the glitches. The issue persists on Series 3 but other devices including Series 5 remain unaffected. While the experience is not great for the Watch Series 3 owners, it is likely to be patched in an upcoming release.

With watchOS 7, Apple included the ability to enable more than one type of complication. This means you can have the same complication on different watch faces. The company also made it easier to share watch faces with other people. Further, Maps on Apple Watch have also had some improvements. They include cycling directions as well as contextual service recommendations.

Apple Watch now alerts users if they’re spending too much time in a noisy environment. Ideally, you want to spend less than 40 hours per week in an environment that’s louder than 80 decibels. The watchOS 7 also brought improvements to Siri as you it comes with improved dictation which can be used in replying to texts, or searching using your spoken queries. There’s also a  handwashing feature that helps you ensure you’re washing your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds. You can read more about all the new watchOS 7 features here.

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