10 Android Smartphones under USD 500

Smartphones are everywhere and we all want to have one. However, not all of us are willing to spend our whole budget on a mobile phone. So, what can you do if you’d like a new smartphone but you don’t want to empty your bank account? You pick one of these 10 Android Smartphones under USD 500 – all of them will lighten your smartphone for less than USD500.

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

When you want the best of functionality and design without a hefty price tag, you should choose Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The smartphone packs a punch with the sleek design and the range of in-built features. You can charge the phone wirelessly, switch to a powerful battery-saving mode and take high-quality photos. It will fit under USD 500.

Huawei Honor 8

huwaei honot 8

If you just want something basic, then Huawei’s Honor 8 is not a bad pick. The smartphone is especially good for people that like taking photos with their smartphone. The dual camera function is rather good and makes up for certain other flaws in the phone.

Nextbit Robin

For those looking for something different, the Nextbit Robin smartphone is a quirky option. Now, the phone looks rather good and it’s super cheap – it only costs under USD200. It has an average camera and the storage space is sufficient for relaxed use. The ability to shuffle data when space is tight is also great.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If you don’t mind buying an older phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still a good choice. The smartphone has a processor that can keep up with the newest models and plenty of storage space for videos and other files. The camera is still good and the display makes it fun to stream videos.

OnePlus 3

While OnePlus 2 never quite managed to respond to the hype around it, the phone’s newest model is actually rather good. The software is much more reliable, the camera is definitely a lot better and the processor makes the phone easy to use. The battery is relatively small but it charges super-fast thanks to the Dash Charging technology.

Google Nexus 6P

Google Nexus 6P price below 500 USD

The Google Nexus program made its debut recently and the reception has been good. The phone has a quality camera, 4k video shooting capability and a rather speedy processor to keep you going. Google Nexus 6P is made by Huawei so the experience to make quality devices is right there. The phone’s not perfect but it’s rather exciting and a bit different to some others on the market.

Google Nexus 5X

You might also want to consider Google’s earlier attempt. The phone is definitely a stripped down version of an Android phone. However, it has a stunningly good camera, which makes it great for photography. The best thing for many will be how it’s super easy to buy the phone unlocked – no need to be tied to a specific carrier.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z smartphone

Sony has quite a few smartphones you could enjoy for under USD500. One of their older models is the Sony Xperia Z, which like the Note 2, is still a good enough phone to buy when you are working on a budget. The phone also has some unique features you won’t find in even the newest phone – for example, you can get your Xperia Z as wet as you want.

Mi 5

You could also enjoy a great smartphone experience with Mi 5. The phone is lightweight and designed in a way that makes using it fun and comfortable. Mi 5 uses a Snapdragon 820 processor so it will provide you with fast user-experience. The camera is good at well, especially with its stabilization feature.


HTC one S

Finally, you could consider buying HTC One S. The phone is not the newest model on the list but it has plenty going for it. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is still super-fast and the camera will help you take great photos. The phone also looks good – it’s lightweight and sleek.

Aside from shopping for a budget-friendly Android smartphone from the list, you can save money in other ways. The key is to shop around. Don’t pick the first retailer you see, but check with different places first. If you want, you can also consider monthly contracts – just make sure you know the full cost before you sign a contract. You should also check for special offers online. HotUKSavings has offers from retailers like Amazon and Currys. These special discounts could cut your shopping bill further, so don’t forget to utilize them.

Now, when you are looking for a budget-friendly phone, you do need to pay attention to the features more than if you have an unlimited budget. You definitely don’t want to pay for a great camera if you never take photos, for example. So, think about your preferences before you start shopping.

You really don’t need to compromise having a great smartphone if your budget is not huge. As the above shows, it is possible to find a good Android phone under USD 500. So get shopping!

10 Android Smartphones under USD 500

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