3D Printing is a new technology which has the ability to transform each home into a multifunctional factory. Imagine using a machine that can turn any image in your software into a materialized thing. This was the dream of many 90’s kids after watching such cartoons and yes these wonders are taking place for real. The most beloved president of The United States Mr. Barack Obama once said that 3D can change and revolutionize the way we make everything. It is predicted that in some near future the huge building will not be constructed but will be 3D printed.

UNIZ brings you the best experience of 3D printing; SLASH takes 3D printing to a new realm of user-friendly and affordable 3D printing. The most important issues that are faced in 3D printing are the printing speed, the volume of the printed material and the cost effectiveness of painters. SLASH by UNIZ changes the whole game and have addressed on each of the prevailing issues. It can be really frustrating when your device takes forever to print and the results are not so worthy in term of resolution and reliability but SLASH takes away all these worries.

The speed of a 3D printer is defined in terms of the amount of that is turned into solid material per unit of the time. The main issue which increases the time required is the ineffective rendering of these 3D objects. SLASH used a way in which each part or slice is projected into a liquid and one layer is rendered at a time instead of the whole project being rendered at a time which is really time-consuming. This technique which is used by UNIZ is known as Digital Light Processing. Before this tremendous machine such speed was provided by large machines which are used in industry and that machine cost more than $100,000, but now this technique is easily available in your homes.

SLASH is an intuitive machine. The hardware is design in such a way which allows the customers to perform all the operations without coming face to face with the high technicality. The printer has a single multipurpose button which is a sensor and an indicator. This machine can easily be cleaned and contains a resin cartage which is sliding. This device is really effortless to use and a layman can easily perform all the functions. Above all the main superiority of SLASH is its small size due to which it can fix anywhere.

The software also cuts the customers a great deal of work. The software provides strong tools for modeling and arranging the project.  Due to the UNIZ   the customers can use and control various printers simultaneously. It also provides a rich suite of connectivity features through which files can be uploaded from a range of tethered devices.

UNIZ android app and iOS app provides the feature of one-click printing. Customers can monitor the process and have the privilege of canceling and starting the printing process from anywhere.

 Apart from all these impressive features UNIZ also ensures material reliability. These materials provide a high level of resolution with the finest finish of the product. The accuracy of the product is not compromised and this comes with the support of a multiplicity of colors.

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