It goes without saying that conversations on Twitter can quickly turn ugly, especially the comments section where a war of words often erupts between folks you might not even know. Twitter recently introduced new conversation tools that allow users to control who can comment on their tweets, but that’s far from enough. In a bid to foster more meaningful conversations via the medium of voice, Twitter has finally launched its chatroom feature called Spaces after teasing it last month. At the moment, Spaces is only available to a small bunch of users for testing and taking their feedback to further improve it before a wider public release. 

What on earth is Spaces?

Spaces is essentially a voice-based group chat that you host, allowing your friends and followers to participate in a conversation. However, the person who hosts a Spaces conversation can control who can join the chat or if they can speak or not. Moderation appears to be the core focus of Spaces, as Twitter will offer more controls in the hands of the host compared to comment-based conversations where people are prone to harassment and abuse.

As for the features, the test group can currently use reactions that are similar to hand gestures and can also share tweets in a Spaces conversation. Plus, users will be able to report and block other participants if their behavior is deemed inappropriate. Notably, Twitter says it is also testing ‘a very early version of live transcriptions’ for Spaces.

Screenshots shared by social media evangelist Matt Navarra suggest that users will be notified about an ongoing Spaces conversation hosted by another person they follow right at the top in the fleets row. Additionally, when users join a Spaces conversation, they’ll be able to select if they want to join as a speaker or remain a listener.

An early look at the UI of Spaces. Tap to see full-sized image. (Credit: Matt Navarra / Twitter)

Twitter also appears to be accepting test applications from users interested in checking out Spaces and is also actively seeking feedback to further improve it. As of now, there is no word how long Spaces will remain exclusive to a test group, but it definitely sounds like an interesting way to hold a productive voice-based conversation among industry peers or experts. 

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