As capable as the smartphones may be, there are some that are not intuitive to use making it difficult for anyone who is not familiar to operate them. If you are currently planning to pick up a new Opel Mobile for yourself or senior citizens, there are a few factors to put into consideration.

First, you need to consider if they need a mobile device since most of them love the idea of communicating with friends and family members. Also, some of them enjoy having information and news at all times while others need simple calling devices. So what are some of the best mobile devices for seniors? Here are the best mobile devices for seniors.


Just from its name, GrandPad is a tablet or a smartphone that provides users with easy ways to stay connected with friends and families. This device does not require you to be familiar with a smartphone or tablet functionality as typical iOS, and Android devices require. It features a full HD display, an eight-inch screen with large and comfortable to read buttons for easy and simple navigation. The GrandPad device also connects through the 4G LTE on customer Cellular or over the Wi-Fi.

The devices can charge wirelessly on the dock, so its users will not be worried about keeping track with the finicky wires or power plugs. Seniors can set up and manage this device by populating their contact list with phone numbers and email addresses. The major consideration with this device is that it helps prevent both screen phishing attacks and the spam callers. This device will allow the seniors to stay in touch via their emails as well as video and voice calls.

Large Launcher

The Large Launcher mobile device offers a big and eyesight-friendly user interface both for seniors and individuals with vision issues making it much easier to operate and use. It also provides simple navigation and easy-to-use-menus, which minimizes confusion and complications when using the mobile device. The color-coded icons and the larger font help seniors to differentiate between various items easily. The main features of the Large Launcher include big message text, big phone dialer, quick dialing, smart contacts and the programmable SOS buttons on its screen that sends out messages or call the contacts of your choice.

OnePlus 6

The one plus 6 device provides a clean mobile experience for the seniors which means its user interface is not overly complicated. It features powerful internal features and a dazzling 6.28-inch screen display making it suitable for seniors. The device also includes a minor water resistant meaning that getting caught in the rain or a splash now and then should not be an issue.

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