We are almost close to the end of Samsung’s Discover Spring Event, but that doesn’t mean that the deals will stop coming. Today’s deal will let you save when you bundle Samsung’s Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with Samsung’s Clean Station.

Samsung’s Discover Spring Event is now letting you get a new Samsung Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with Turbo Action Brush in Violet and a Samsung Clean Station in Silver for only $299 while supplies last. This bundle will let you save $50 percent of what you would usually end up paying for both devices, which adds up to $598.

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      The perfect combo to help you keep your house clean for longer is now available with 50 percent savings if you act fast.

    The Samsung Clean Station features an Anti-Dust Emitting structure and a 5-Layer HEPA Filtration system so you can breathe cleaner air in your home, which helps reducing the dust emitted back into the air while it automatically empties your Jet Stick vacuum’s dustbin. The Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum features a lightweight design, a removable battery that will give you up to 40 minutes of non-stop cleaning. Its 0.8-liter, high-capacity dust bin collects more dirt, dust, and debris, so you don’t have to empty it as often, and it’s dishwasher safe, so you can also clean it without a problem.

    Remember that this deal will only be available today or until supplies last. You can also check out our previous Samsung deals posts, where you will find the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra selling for as low as $325 when you go for a locked variant. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is also getting some crazy discounts, which let you get the Plus variant for the same price as the vanilla version, while the S21 Ultra will set you back $300 after an eligible trade-in.

    You will also get 10 percent off when you purchase from two eligible categories, which include Home Appliances, Mobile, and Monitors. Plus, you will also enter a contest that will give one lucky winner $5,000 in Samsung Credit.

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