Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and more devices are on sale today

Let’s end the week with Apple deals as, we know they’re your favorites, and stop looking at me funny. Beginning with the 16in MacBook Pro which is actually $300 off, this leaves the Intel Core i9, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage variant for $2499. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is also $100 off, that leaves the Wi-Fi only, 128GB of storage model for $750. Back to Apple, the Apple Watch Series 6 and the SE are both $20 off, that means the Series 6 starts at $379 and the SE starts at $309. We have more deals on other Apple products, other Samsung tablets, and Logitech accessories in the description

Netflix’s premium and standard plans are getting a price hike in the US

Now Let’s stay with the official news and talk about services for a couple of segments, but we’re actually going to begin with the bad news. I’m looking at you Netflix. If you’re in the United States, the company will be raising the price tags for the Standard and Premium subscription plans. The Standard Plan is getting a $1 hike, raising it to $14 and the Premium Plan is getting a $2 hike, standing at $18 a month. After the announcement came out, Netflix shares reportedly went up 4.8{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14} cause of course investors want them to mil you for more money. Apparently, Netflix thinks that this is an opportunity to raise prices in countries where they feel like they provide “extra value” and it allows them to continue offering more variety of TV shows and Films. If you’re a Netflix user, they will alert users 30 days ahead of the actual increase, so if you want to unsubscribe, now is the time. That one service that’s kept humans sane throughout the pandemic seems ready to make more profits sadly.

You can now get the new Apple One services bundle

Now sticking to the official news and services, let’s talk about a good update with Apple One. If you haven’t been paying attention, Apple One is basically Apple’s all-in-one subscription which let’s you get multiple Apple Services for a fixed rate. To recap, there’s three different tiers, the Individual plan which includes, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Arcade and 50GB of iCloud for $14.95 a month. The Family plan includes the same but with 200GB of storage for $19.95. Finally, you get the Premier plan which includes all the services mentioned before, Apple Fitness+, Apple News+ and 2TB of iCloud storage for $29.95 and like the family plan, you can share it with up to six family members. Well, enough with the recap, Apple One is now official in the US and over 100 different countries though, services like Apple Fitness+ are still in the works and they will launch later this year. You also get other benefits which will be detailed in the links in the description. If you sign up today you get a month of free trial, but this doesn’t drag your existing services, and also, I might not go the premier route if I were you cause buying an Apple Watch will give you 3 months for free.

LG could give us a new flagship and a phone with rollable display as soon as March

Even if the LG Wing isn’t the best phone ever, the company has somewhat been on the spotlight as of late because, and mainly by launching non-2020 phones. They also made it very explicit that the Wing is only part of their Explorer Project and we should be getting more phones in the future, and they even teased a rollable phone. Well, according to a new report, LG is working on two projects at the moment, Rainbow and Project B. Rainbow will be a classic flagship, part of the V Series and we should expect it in Q1 of 2021. Project B will most likely be that rolling phone and the report claims that we should expect it in March. The Elec claims that LG is expecting 26M smartphones this year, and around 30M for next year and honestly, that’s not too bad for LG as, we know that their least successful department is smartphones. Apparently they want to shift more phone lines to ODMs, to around 70{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14} which is a crazy increase from 2018’s 10{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14}. We’ll see as, we’re excited to get more phones like the Wing, it makes the job a little more fun, though yes, that Wing kinda needs work.

Apple reports 2020 Mac record sales, thanks to the MacBook Pro

Let’s talk about sales numbers and Apple for a second as, Cupertino had their fourth quarter earnings call yesterday for the 2020 fiscal year. And, we’ll be focusing on Macs for this segment as, we’re getting close to Apple Silicon Macs. According to them, Apple thrived during the pandemic with both Macs and iPads doing great numbers, in part thanks to the whole work and study at home situation. During the call, they claimed that outside of iPhones, their products grew a combined 30{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14} last quarter, with a lot of the success coming through the MacBook Pro, as they launched the new 16in last year, and a new 13in model as well. Overall, Mac revenue hit an all-time high at 28.6B. We’ll see how it affects them once Apple Silicon comes into play cause such dramatic transitions don’t always go well.

Story of the day:

Is this the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the Galaxy Note 21?

And finally the hottest news today have to do with Samsung and its roadmap for 2021. It’s a mix up of things so bare with me as it’ll all make sense at the end. If you remember, a couple of days ago, we covered a new patent for the Galaxy Z Fold line that showed a pop up camera but now. Today we have probably the patent we’ve been begging for since this Z Fold came to existence. See, there’s been speculation for years about how Samsung might get rid of the Note line to merge it with the S, but all we’ve ever wanted was that Z Fold form factor to have an S Pen. Well, this new patent which was filed back in April shows a Galaxy Z Fold with a fully working S Pen, or maybe that they’ll keep the Note name and it’ll fold? The slot for the stylus would go on the bottom right side and technically it should interact with the phone like it does with the Note. Really, the biggest problem here would be how it would interact with the crease and of course, how that plastic protective layer would handle scratches as resistive touchscreens never aged well. Samsung is reportedly looking into AES technology which allows the foldable screen to not require a digitizer for the stylus to work, but now we question if it’ll work like the Note. The patent was approved this week and, we’re basically still a whole year away from the Z Fold 3 or the Galaxy Note 21 for that matter, things should get interesting over time.
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