Apple’s new iMac, several Samsung Galaxy smartphones and more on sale today

Deals. Amazon still has their Samsung sale going on, where they have a ton of bundles. You can save $246 on a Note 20 Ultra bundle where you get the Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy Buds Live, a Galaxy Tab S6 and the Watch Active 2 for $2142… Sheesh.. You save but it’s not cheap. If you only want the Note, it’s $200 off, meaning you can get the entry level Ultra variant for $1099. The latest 27in iMac with the 5K Retina Display is $100 off, that leaves the Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD variant for $1700. If you want better specs and more storage we also have more deals for that. We have more deals on the Galaxy S20 , Beats by Dre, Sony TVs and more in the links below.

HUAWEI details HMS Core’s gaming potential

HUAWEI HMS Core boosts its e-commerce capabilities using AR and ML

HUAWEI HMS Core is driving transport and navigation advancements

And yes, it was day two of the Huawei Developer’s Conference and today their main focus was their HMS Core. Just to clarify, HMS is to their services and AppGallery, what GMS is to Google Play. First off they announced how they’re boosting e-commerce and businesses by using AI and AR kits integrated into HMS. This lets developers tweak their apps to be able to display products in a visual way on their device, allowing for a more immersive experience, scanning products through QR codes and more. They also announced some gaming improvements to the HMS Core. For example, they claim that smartphones are closing in on consoles when it comes to processing prowess and so they want to push gaming. They’re simplifying mobile game creation with their new Cocos Creator which is a free open source game engine, allowing developers to publish games through different mobile platforms. They claim that the App Gallery is promoting developers to 490M monthly users, and sharing 85{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14} of the revenue. And, they didn’t stop there, they also showed transport and navigation announcements. With their new Location kit, Nearby kit, Scan kit and more, they’re facilitating the development of transportation apps, available in multiple languages and countries. We’ll keep you posted once we get more information on how developers are taking advantages of these new features.

Google Pixel 3 users report swollen batteries that are damaging the real panel

We know that the Pixel 2 had a lot of issues when it was released, luckily that wasn’t the case for the Pixel 3, at least until now. There’s multiple users complaining of swollen batteries that are damaging the phone’s rear panel. It was first spotted by the guys over at Android Police, where they found a Google forum post with the affected user. After that, a lot of users came out with the same issue on both the 3 and the 3 XL. Apparently wireless charging stopped working for them and in some cases even the speakers and the fingerprint sensor would malfunction. Some users even reported that their phone started to overheat and exploded at the repair shop. So far, Google has issued replacement units to some users, but those with their warranty expired had to get a new battery. Google hasn’t released a statement yet but we’ll keep you posted, let us know if any of you have had this issue.

Apple permits game streaming services like Stadia and xCloud on iOS, but doubts remain

We know that Apple has been receiving a lot of criticism from companies like Epic, Facebook and Microsoft, due to their practices with their App Store. Well, one of the reasons for these companies like Microsoft to be against them was because they wouldn’t allow cloud-based game streaming services. Well, Apple just updated their App Store policies to allow these types of apps on the store, but of course they still have high demands. According to their update, “streaming games are permitted so long as they adhere to all guidelines, like submitting every update for review, developers must provide appropriate metadata for search, and games must use in-app purchases to unlock features or functionality”. Another caveat is that these services must offer Apple’s in-app payment system with the infamous 30{9a01d93bf7b2c28a1b31ca31fecd25f15e15c35cfb9f5daef6a59cb9fcd1aa14}, meaning they’ll probably be taking a cut every time you renew your xCloud or Stadia. We’ll keep you posted to see what Microsoft and Google respond.

New certification confirms Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G specs

We’re getting closer to October, which means that we’re also getting closer to the Galaxy S20 FE. And, we’ve had multiple leaks of the specs but now, the phone just went through a TENAA certification revealing some official specs. The phone is listed with a 6.5n display, a 4500 mAh battery that will support 15W wired charging, Dual SIM capabilities, and it’ll apparently be right in between the S20 and the S20+ when it comes to the size. That’s it for the certification but, just to refresh your memory we are expecting this phone to bring the Snapdragon 865, a 120Hz display, and a 32MP selfie camera on the punch hole. A triple camera array at the back with a 12MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra wide and an 8MP telephoto with 3X optical zoom. We’ll keep you posted as we’re getting pretty close now.

Story of the day:

Apple Watch ‘SE’ in two sizes is reportedly coming on September 15

It seems that the next Apple event won’t feature the new iPhone 12

Finally, Jon Prosser just went on a tweeting spree about Apple’s upcoming products. First up, he mentioned that we’ll be getting an Apple Watch SE on September 15th. He claims that it’ll come in 40mm and 44mm variants, with the Series 4 design but, it won’t bring an always-on display, no ECG and an M9 chip. According to him, they’re listed as Apple Watch and Apple Watch Pro for the hardware engineers, but he isn’t sure if that will be the final name.Now let’s talk about iPhone, and actually bad news all around. Mass production began this week, but not with everything. Remember the ideal of getting 120hz on the display? Well that was codenamed “d6x” and it did not make it in time, so we can give up on those now. Also that iOS 14.1 won’t be finished until October 9th so that it’s impossible for them to ship the new phones until mid to late next month. According to his sources the iPhone 12 won’t be announced at this event. Finally he posted a line-up which includes, the Apple Watch SE, the Series 6, the iPad Air 4, the iPad 8 and more. No iPhone or AirPods Studio which were rumored to come out here. Of course all of these is leaks and it might be inaccurate, but…
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