Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, S20 5G and more devices on sale today

Let’s start today off with deals, cause by this time I should find another way to introduce this segment. Anyways, let’s end the week with some Galaxy Note 20 deals because, why not? The Note 20 Ultra is currently $200 off on Amazon, leaving the 128GB model for $1100, and yes this is the US variant. The Galaxy S20 is also getting $200 deals, that leaves the regular S20 for $800 but, you’ll have to go for the Cloud Pink colorway. Moving on to B&H, the Galaxy Note 10 which is still a pretty good buy is down $250 from its original price tag, leaving it at $700 shipped. Finally, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is $150 off, leaving that at $759 for the entry level model. We have more deals on other Galaxy Notes, Razer peripherals and more, in the links in the description.

New macOS Big Sur is finally ready for your Mac

I want to continue the official news on a positive note today so, let’s talk about YouTube and your favorite video every year. The company took to Twitter yesterday to announce that we won’t be getting a rewind next year. They posted a picture explaining how 2020 has been a different year, and they don’t feel like they should treat it like it wasn’t so, they’re taking a break this year. They also said that a lot of good was made this year as creators found ways to switch things up and cheer people so they thank them for making a difference. Now, we know that the Rewind isn’t necessarily people’s favorite video but, I kind of agree with YouTube for taking this position. But like seriously, can you name any particular YouTube rewind that you liked, cause I can’t remember any.

Samsung announces Exynos 1080 5nm chipset for upper mid-range phones

Now how about if we talk about Samsung as the company is sadly not abandoning their Exynos platform, and I doubt that will ever happen now that we got to see what Apple Silicon can do, that said, the company I smaking an interesting move. Samsung has just announced their new Exynos 1080 processor, but before you roll your eyes at me, hold it. This actually seems to be the first Exynos worth talking about, even if it’s designed for mid-rangers, but it actually follows on the 5nm process that’s making Apple Silicon look so good right now.. Exynos 1080-powered smartphones can have support for WQHD+ resolution display with up to 90Hz refresh rate or Full HD+ resolution screen with up to 144Hz refresh rate. As for the cameras, it supports up to 200MP single camera or 32MP + 32MP dual-camera setup or a maximum of six cameras. It also supports HDR10+ and 4K 60ffps encoding and decoding with HEVC. So yeah, technically this chip is to a certain degree more powerful and efficient than even the best Galaxy flagship, but we’ll see how soon we see that extend.

Instagram REALLY wants you to watch Reels and Shop on its app

Now let’s move the spotlight over to what used to be my favorite social network, at least up until Facebook bought it. For those of you, like me, who love Instagram it looks like things are changing.. Again. Can Facebook just leave it alone? The company just announced a new update yesterday which is currently rolling out to users. Basically they are now prioritizing Reels and the Shop, by moving the Likes and Post sections to the top right, next to the DMS and now you get Reels at the center and the Shop where the likes used to be. Both of these features have been a part of Instagram for quite some time but, it looks like they’re really trying to push it now. Instagram has released other major updates this year, like switching to Facebook Messenger for DMs, or adding “Suggested Posts” to the feed. So far, reception hasn’t been so great and I doubt many people are interested in the Instagram Shop for it to switch places with the notification hub. We’ll see how it works out for them, cause yeah, the social network I once used for photos wants to be a mall now?

New iPhone 13 lineup may arrive with a smaller battery

Now let’s talk Apple as yes, happy iPhone day part 2. All of the iPhones are here now, as a matter of fact, we have content coming very soon on the 12 Pro Max and the Mini but, one of the topics people are interested in this year is battery life. The 11 had great battery life because they finally caved and gave us bigger batteries. Thing is that plan shrunk with the iPhone 12 and it sort of makes sense with the 5nm architecture in the new chips. Well, according to a new Ming Chi Kuo report, they’ll be shrinking them again next year. He claims that Cupertino will be using a new battery “soft board” technology for the iPhone 13 and the 13 Mini. This technology helps them save internal space and reduce costs because they have fewer layers than what we currently get, maybe to make the iPhones slimmer or in case they want to bring the headphone jack back. Sadly, this means that Apple is going back to the days were they prioritized slimmer phones over good battery life. Another factor could be that LTPO display we’ll reportedly be getting as it draws less power than current displays. So far, my experience with the 12’s battery has been okay, but it’s definitely not better than the 11 so, let’s hope the 13 isn’t worse than the 12.

Story of the day:

We could get new mini-LED iPad and AirPods 3 in the first half of 2021

iOS 14.3 reveals an icon that hints at the design of Apple’s AirPods Studio headphones

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s keep talking about Apple and Ming Chi Kuo, mainly because you know that not all the rumors we’ve discussed were launched and we wonder where are those products. Well, let’s begin with the latest developer beta for iOS 14.3 which reveals some interesting things. A developer shared on twitter a “New Pairing” screen video from the Find My App in this beta where there’s a magnifying glass that swivels across some over the ear headphones. Now, there’s no secret that before Apple launches a product, an icon of it pops around somewhere so, it looks like we could finally be getting those AirPods Studios but, according to Prosser those are significantly delayed. But now, moving back to Ming Chi Kuo, his latest research note gives us more information on what Apple plans to do in the first half of 2021. The note mentions that the components destined for a miniLED iPad will be mass produced in the first half of 2021. Now, we’re expecting three different iPads with miniLED displays but, this one should be an iPad Mini or the regular 10.2in iPad, as the 12.9in iPad Pro is slated for Q4 of next year. Moving back to AirPods, he also claims that Cupertino is working on the third generation AirPods which will also go into mass production in the first half of 2021. These will reportedly get a new design to look more like the Pros but, they will still lack Pro features like ANC. If Apple is planning to launch these in the first half of next year, it kinda makes sense for them to launch with the AirPods Studios.
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