An easy storage solution beyond your closet. (Artem Beliaikin via Unsplash/)

A good set of over-door hanging hooks can mean the difference between walking out the door without a coat, or getting stuck without a towel after a shower. It’s also the perfect choice for any situation where mounting hardware is unadvisable or might violate your lease. And it even does the double duty of maximizing the utility of door-space—a boon for living in tight quarters.

We’ve chosen our favorite durable, stylish over-door racks.

It will match any room.

It will match any room. (Amazon/)

Yamazaki’s line of products are simple and clean looking, adding a touch of modern minimalism to any home or apartment. The brand’s steel over-door hook is no exception—in a pristine white, with five hooks for hanging anything from towels to coats.

Stronger than any other.

Stronger than any other. (Amazon/)

Acmetop’s over-door hook hanger is made of the same aluminum alloy as the back of an iPhone case—yes, the one that you drop several times a week—so you know it will be strong enough to hold even your heaviest winter coats. It comes in a neutral silver or black—or in a dusty blue or pink, for those who are looking for a splash of color.

For a mid-century mod look.

For a mid-century mod look. (Amazon/)

Umbra’s over-door rack calls to mind the classic Eames-style door hanger, with playful wooden spheres atop a powder-coated white steel frame. This spacious organizer is pretty enough to act as an accessory display, for jewelry, bracelets, or scarves—the design also prevents any of those precious items from snagging at the ends of any hooks.

A clean, minimal aesthetic.

A clean, minimal aesthetic. (Amazon/)

A package of individual over door hooks gives you the freedom to space out where you need to hang your items. Unjumbly’s set of four are made to fit snugly, to prevent sliding or jangling around. They’re also reversible, and able to fit either of the two most common door widths.