After the LG Wing, the company is said to be preparing another smartphone under its ‘Explorer Project’. The smartphone is tipped to be called ‘LG Slide‘ and it has been in the rumor mill for a while now. It looks like one of those concepts that seem cool but appear to still be a distant reality. However, that could change in the coming times! LG’s rollable phone could soon be a reality.

It looks like we LG closing in on the official necessities before the launch. The device has been spotted in South Korea’s carrier intranet database. If this is anything to go by, it means that LG is indeed working on a rollable phone, and it could be unveiled in the upcoming months. For reference, the unique smartphone is expected to launch sometime in 2021. There have been reports claiming that LG might unveil this new tech-equipped smartphone in March.

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The latest development comes from Twitter tipster @cozyplanes who has leaked that the LG Slide aka LG Rollable has been registered in South Korea’s carrier intranet database. It carries the carrier model number LM-R910N and the unlocked model number is OMD-LM-R910N. There is little else to know about the upcoming rollable phone, but carrier registration hints that LG could be working on it. The second ‘Explorer Project’ smartphone is unlikely to be a successor to the LG Wing, but it could be the start of something all-new.

According to past reports, the rollable phone will be called LG Slide. It is rumored to come with a rollable OLED display. In November, LG filed two trademark applications at the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the name LG Rollable and LG Slide with just two days difference between them. The previous trademark patent for the LG Rollable also suggests that the new device may also feature stylus support.

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