The new iPhone 6 has offered unlimited options for fun and exploration with but a disadvantage: Reduced battery life. This disadvantage is unnoticed due to the other excellent features. Thus to extend the battery life of iPhone 6 plus, there are some tactics. Some of the tactics are listed below. Follow them and your iPhone 6 will get discharged in more longer spans.

How To Extend Battery Life Of iPhone 6 plus: Tips

Reduce The Screen Brightness

Most of the battery life of a Smartphone is consumed due to the amount of charge gone in maintaining the brightness setting of the screen. If the screen is very bright, the light reduces the battery durability. The case is same with iPhone 6 plus, so it is advisable to turn off auto brightness and adjust the brightness of the screen to minimum, until there is direct sunlight. In fact turning off auto brightness will automatically adjust the intensity of the light screen depending on the environmental light. This is one of the best ways to extend the battery life of the new iPhone 6. If your iPhone’s battery is not staying for a long time, consider visiting a

Turn Bluetooth Off

In case you are not using Bluetooth for wireless file transfer, remember to turn it off as this will reduce the battery life of your device iPhone 6 plus. This is because if Bluetooth is on the device is constantly on wireless transmission mode, reducing the durability of the battery as it consumes more power.

Keep Wifi Mobile Data (3G or 4G) Off

iPhone 6 has a poor battery life. In that situation keeping the Wi-Fi and your 3G and 4G data connectivity on will reduce your battery life. Your Smartphone will be on constant Wi-Fi signal catching mode or data transmission. The faster is the data transmission, the more is the power consumed. So unless you are using the services it is better to keep Wi-Fi and mobile data turned off.

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Disable Vibration

In an iPhone 6 plus, remember that keeping the device on vibration mode consumes more power than ringtones do. Thus if you are in convenient surroundings, keep the sound mode on. And even during times when who cannot keep your ringtone mode on, use mute mode instead of vibration.

Use Black Wallpaper If Your Smartphone has LED screen

It is advisable that you use black background as your wallpaper or home screen as iPhone 6 plus has a LED screen and in case of an LED display black is more power efficient.

Turn Off Location Services

One of the coolest features of iPhone 6 is the location services or built in GPS. The information given is faster and excellently accurate. Over a GPS service, the phone gives your current location, exact driving directions and also helps you find the nearby places as per your requirement. Thus the phone will need more power transmitting data in such a long range. so turn of the GPS services.

Disable Dynamic Background

Animated Wallpapers are elegant and perfect but the disadvantage of it is that it consumes much more battery as compared to when your background is kept static.

Appropriate Apps Management

Manage your Applications on iPhone 6 plus. Running too many apps at the same time will lead to too much consumption of battery. Proper management of apps will save the durability of your Smartphone to a great extent. Thus put the task manger to proper use and close all the applications that you do not try to run that much.

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