A place for your clothes. (Lauren Fleischmann via Unsplash/)

Any home without adequate closet space or with awkwardly-shaped, hard-to-furnish areas can benefit from a standalone garment rack. Stow your winter coats away in your main closet for the spring and get your warm weather items out in the open for easy outfit planning, or set up a rack in your entryway for a space-efficient way for guests to offload their overcoats as they arrive. Some varieties are designed for ease of portability and others are designed as stylish compliments to your existing furniture, but they’re all effective options for showing off your wardrobe and keeping your most-worn items within arm’s reach.

Take a look at some of our favorite garment racks currently on the market.

Rests upon anti-slip feet for extra stability.

Rests upon anti-slip feet for extra stability. (Amazon/)

This standalone garment rack from Iris is roughly 40 inches tall and features hanging storage combined with a shelving unit in one. A solid choice for entryways, bedrooms, and any location where looks are a consideration, the rack features a stylish angled frame and four mesh shelves finished in black metal that are ready to be augmented with books, potted plants, and any other small decorative items. The rod supports up to 22 pounds, the bottom shelf can hold 13, and each side shelf can hold 6, making this item a surprisingly sturdy yet unassuming piece of furniture that blends right into any space.

Extra sturdy and easy to build and tear down.

Extra sturdy and easy to build and tear down. (Amazon/)

This heavy-duty rack from Simple Houseware is the ultimate storage solution for large quantities of clothing thanks to its unique combination of raw industrial style and ease of mobility. It can support a load of up to 400 pounds without a hitch and features a 62-inch-long hanging bar and 3-inch brake casters, plus a unique Z-shaped base that adds extra support without being cumbersome. At a height of 62 inches, it’s also roomy enough to hold long garments like coats and dresses without dragging them on the ground.

Wireless capability for printing straight from your phone.

Wireless capability for printing straight from your phone. (Amazon/)

Tap into the versatility of your entryway or small, unused space in hallways and corners with this wall-mounted garment rack from Oyydecor. Its industrial-inspired combination of wood and metal help it blend into the structure of its surroundings, and its 44-inch length and 150-pound weight limit make it a superb way to spruce up tight areas and get extra clothes off the ground without using up precious floor space. The 10-inch-deep shelf up top is a great place for placing plants, picture frames, keys, lamps, or any other odds and ends the space might require, too.

Lightweight-yet-sturdy steel and resin construction.

Lightweight-yet-sturdy steel and resin construction. (Amazon/)

Here’s a garment rack option that’s a bit more of a hybrid, offering the stability and frame of a furniture piece with the portability of a modular system. It boasts 68 inches of vertical storage space, two 28-inch hanging rods, and five shelves all in one unit, making it ideal for a combination of hanging garments and shoes, hats or other miscellaneous items. It’s only 19.3 inches deep, so it excels at maximizing use of vertical space without sacrificing floor space, and because it’s composed of interlocking pieces, it’s incredibly easy to set up and tear down in a hurry.