C is a robust general-goal programming language. I gave him the invoice, and by this time he has his clipboard out, and is writing my data down on this type. He gave me a complete speal about charges and the way they purchase energy verses My Nationwide Grid firm and locking in charges after 3 months. Gasoline in summer ( July or Aug.) and electric in winter ( Jan or Feb). He talked so quick I couldn’t keep up with him. I advised him I’d have to consider it, and asked him to leave info with me to go over, but no he was very pushy. He wanted me to signal a 5 12 months contract, which I again mentioned no I would like to think about it. Although he said by me signing the paper didn’t mean it was the actual contract. Once again I was not snug with it. I should of simply said depart, but standing alone in a hallway with a stranger is sort of scary.