The official definition of ergonomics states that it is a collection of principles used in product design that aids in facilitating and improving healthy interactions between the product and the user. It includes numerous fields of study and industry, with the principles of biomechanics, engineering, human physiology, and anthropometry playing the most important roles in ergonomic design.

Since the uses of ergonomics can be vastly different based on the specific application, we will be focusing only on ergonomic tech accessories that are designed to help users in a residential environment. All three accessories on this list are designed carefully to help the user have a better, healthier, and stress-free interaction with their computers on a regular basis.

The Ergonomic Chair

The importance of an ergonomic computer chair was realized long ago and it’s the oldest tech accessory this short list. Although the concept of the ergonomic computer chair itself maybe old, the newer versions are anything but. Modern ergonomic computer chairs come equipped with everything from even weight distribution cushions and perfect back support to height and tilt adjustability.

The Pneumatic Monitor Mount

The pneumatic monitor holder or mount is more akin to an industrial, robotic arm than the average monitor mount. Clamp one of these onto the edge of your desk and then fix your monitor on it with the provided VESA mount and screws. Once you are done, you will be able to fully rotate, tilt, lift, lower, pull in, and push out the monitor at any time you need to best suit your sitting position.

Powered by pneumatic (pressurized air) pressure, the monitor arm will always move with ease, irrespective of how heavy the monitor might be. It’s an ergonomic solution for stiff neck, often caused by regular monitor stands. Do be careful with the recommended weight category though. Your monitor should never weigh more than the product’s recommended range.


The Pneumatic Sit-Stand Desk

Also known as a standing desk, or a stand-up desk, the pneumatic sit-stand desk is a solution to several short term and long-term health issues which may arise from spending long hours sitting in front of the computer. For those not aware of the alarming medical facts, people who spend several hours sitting every day have a high susceptibility to obesity, diabetes, back pain, neck pain, and heart disease from an early age.

The Lenovo pneumatic sit-stand desks act as a mitigating factor against such adverse health impacts which usually arise from spending an unhealthy amount of time sitting in front of the computer. You can adjust the height of your stand-up desk effortlessly (pneumatics) to:

  • Work or study for a few hours every day while standing to cut down on the amount of time you spend sitting daily.
  • Adjust the desk to match your own height while sitting or standing, which both prevents and alleviates back pain and neck pain.
  • Burn more calories and lower to your health risks just by standing instead of sitting all the time.

All accessories mentioned on this list can and will vary widely in terms of quality, effectiveness, useability, and functionality, depending on the model, manufacturer, price, recommended use, weight limits, etc. So, be careful while choosing the right product and stick to branded ergonomic options for best results.